Tekno-Soft Technical Service Software

The common needs of all businesses that provide service to their customers through their dealer network are to accurately follow the dealer activities and to record the exchange of goods and services between the dealer and the center.
Due to both local and cultural differences between dealers, there is a need for a system that is easy to use and can be accessed from any location.

Techno-soft service program is a web-based technical service program developed to meet this need. There is no user or dealer restriction in Techno-soft application. Once the application is purchased, you can install it to as many users as you want and open as many dealers as you want.

   With Tekno-soft application:

  * You can track the warranty of your products.

  * You can follow guaranteed and non-guaranteed part changes at the dealers and manage spare part orders accordingly.

  * You can accurately calculate the progress payments of the dealers.

   * By integrating it into the ERP system, you can ensure that invoice dispatch transactions are carried out automatically with the application.

 With Tekno-soft application:

* Stays in constant contact with your dealers

* Can announce various announcements and campaigns to your dealers

* You can get the demands and requests of your dealers.