With its experienced staff, Biteg Yazılım provides special software services to our manufacturing enterprises in areas such as production, logistics and quality. Below you can find our sample software on this subject:

Sequential Production Application
It is a software and automation solution that enables the implementation of full-time production methodology between automotive main industry and suppliers in accordance with the production order. Tofaş Türk Otomobil A.Ş. In this system applied for body parts, the automobile production order is uploaded to the system over the internet. The production order is sent to the panel PC placed on the robots that manufacture in the supplier firm, and the fixtures move accordingly. During the crate filling, the crate label showing the produced product and its order is taken automatically. Using only one crate in the Tofaş production line, the assembly operator makes consumption from the crate ordered in the order of the vehicle.

Blocking Application
It is an advanced blocking software. This application works in 12 Arçelik manufacturing plants, together with Russia and Taiwan factories. With this application, which works in integration with the SAP system, automatic blocking, serial-based blocking operations and coordination of repair operations can be performed for the products released. The deadline given for repairs is seen by the planning, and the operations performed on a serial basis can be followed.

Poke Yoke Applications
It is possible to develop various Poka-Yoke applications to prevent critical errors. When the barcode is scanned, only opening the material drawer of a certain product, warning for the correct and wrong part, product barcode verification, etc. applications such as can be developed in accordance with the type of production and product.