What is the IQM Smart Factory?

IQM is a high-level MES (Production Management System) application. It differs from a normal MES application thanks to the smart analysis tools and decision support systems it provides.

The IQM Smart Factory system enables you to manage your operational processes such as production, logistics, quality, maintenance more easily and with high efficiency by using information-processing, automation and artificial intelligence techniques, digitalizing your business.


Why IQM?

IQM is the result of a long experience and is a product preferred by the respected enterprises of our country.

IQM is a comprehensive application that has all the MES functions needed by manufacturing businesses.

Thanks to its developable structure, it responds not only to today's but also to future needs of businesses.

Biteg Yazılım has been developing production management system software for more than ten years.

It has a highly specialized staff and knowledge in this field.


Data Collection and Production Tracking

Production data are collected from the machines in the production area via PLCs.

Operations such as work order selection, work plan tracking, posture definition, waste / scrap identification, label taking are performed on touch computers or tablets.
Production performance data is monitored instantaneously by both operators in the field and desk personnel. Thanks to cloud support, business performance can be monitored from outside the enterprise.
Losses and wastes can be easily detected with detailed reports and analysis tools