Besides the very important benefits it provides, MES applications have some disadvantages. These applications often require expensive hardware investments, take time to deploy, and require a variety of business-specific adaptations. For these reasons, our company has designed a compact production tracking system that can be commissioned faster and is more cost-effective. This application called IQM-S offers basic production tracking functions at a more affordable cost.

Its main features are as follows:

*Easy to install, compact structure that can be commissioned quickly
*User friendly interface
*Platform independent operation (Windows, IOS, Android etc.)
*Low investment cost
*Compliance with manufacturing industry production processes
*Access and instant monitoring from anywhere
*Flexible payment alternatives

With the IQM-S application, businesses can monitor their production performance instantly and healthily. It can report and analyze losses and wastes.

It can perform operations such as posture definition, scrap / waste entry, product label. The main data provided by the IQM-S application are below:

*Duration and distribution of stance types
*Production times of the manufactured products, transit times from reading points
*Completion rate of production work orders
*Staff performance

 *Product information produced on line or machines
 *OEE (Performance, Interoperability, Quality and Total OEE metrics)
 *PPM and Error Distributions
 *Knowledge of personnel working on line or machines
 *Line stop and working times