Biteg Yazılım ve Danışmanlık Ltd.Şti. It is a technology company founded in 2003. With its experience in production processes and software & automation, it responds to the business software needs of our production enterprises.

Our company has started to develop MES (Production Management System) applications since 2007. Within a short period of one or two years, large-scale MES applications have been put into use in distinguished companies of our country. The most important of these are Arçelik Çerkezköy factories and Beyçelik Bursa factories. Today, the applications he developed have started to become global, and he has undertaken MES projects in various multinational companies (Delphi, Sumiromo, Gotec). The most important factor in this success is the expertise of our team in production processes and software technologies. In this way, an application that works flawlessly at the same time in dozens of factories, consumes resources at an optimal level and is perfectly compatible with the basic processes of the enterprises has emerged.

At this point, Biteg software has moved MES applications to the next level and launched the IQM Smart Factory product. This product has key features that will enable the digital industry and industry 4 transformation of manufacturing enterprises. The most important difference from classical MES applications is that it has smart analysis tools and artificial intelligence supported decision support systems. In addition, IQM-S Production Tracking product was launched for businesses that require less features and require a cost effective solution. Thanks to this product, our small production enterprises have easier access to data collection and basic production tracking functions.

Apart from MES applications, our company has developed the Technical Service Application. With this application, businesses with a technical service network can manage their services and calculate payments properly.